of highlands county


We Can Make It Happen!

With the help of the Executive Committee, and in keeping with the goals of the Democratic Party, we will:

1. Advance the visibility of the Democratic Party and
its candidates within Highlands County

2. Remind Democratic Voters to Vote on a Regular

3. Increase The Number of vote by mail requests for
base voters.

4. Ensure that the democratic party values, principles
and initiatives are effectively advanced and
promoted within highlands county.

5. engage as much as possible in local county affairs
of interest to highlands county democrats.

6. Effectively support the election of democrats.

7. Communicate with the public regarding elections
and our candidates, as well as national, state and
local democratic party positions and initiatives.

8. Offer full training to both Volunteers and Potential
Candidates in preparation for 2024.

Who We Are & What We Do...

We are committed to supporting the Democratic agenda. We answer questions, canvass, listen to the concerns of our neighbors, and keep them informed of legislative efforts. We  hold rallies, invite speakers, and stage protests when necessary — everything and anything that will result in our government remaining for and by the people.

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