QUARTERLY January - March, 2021


Eileen Game  

Bruce Carter

Bobbie Smith-Powell

Kirstin Heads

State Committee Chairwoman
Donna Scorsce

State Committee Chairman
Bill Pollard



For the name(s) of your Precinct Captain(s), visit us at our offices at 4216 Sebring Parkway, call us at (863) 385-8601, or, if a position is available and you would like to learn more about volunteering to become a Captain of your own Precinct, you may contact us directly, as noted above, or go online to our website, then click on the “Join Us” link to fill out a Volunteer application. We will reach out to you and arrange for you to come in to HQ; we would love to meet and chat with you about the opportunity and responsibilities of the position.


    WELCOME to the first edition of the “Democrats of Highlands County NEWSLETTER”. The purpose of this newsletter is to keep you abreast of our new efforts relative to the direction of the country, to that of the Democratic Party, nationally, statewide, and more specifically, how our efforts relate to the direction and activities we plan and undertake right here in Highlands County. The Democratic Executive Committee is committed to increasing the number of Democrats in our county, to increasing participation by all our registered Democrats, and to helping identify and elect Democratic candidates, particularly to local offices. We are welcoming every registered Democrat to join us and participate, to attend our meetings, to join our newly established volunteer committees (Fundraising, Social Media/Marketing, as well as Events), and to assist in starting, leading and/or joining new committees (Young Democrats, Advertising, African American Democrats, Candidate Training, Hispanic Democrats, Data Management, LGBTQ Democrats and others). We want your ideas and skills, and we need your commitment to help keep control of the U.S. House, the Senate, and turn both Highlands County and the State of Florida BLUE. We cannot rest on our laurels! 2020 was certainly one of the most important elections of our lifetime, and fully recognizing the forces we’re up against, 2022 will be no different. If you are committed to keeping control of the US House and Senate, electing a new Florida governor and changing Florida’s Legislature to one which will at least work with us, i.e., a BLUE State Legislature, then we need your help!   Make no mistake; we are once again going to need all hands-on deck to win this one.   If we have learned nothing else, we’ve learned how easily our 2020 gains can slip right through our fingers – if we’re not prepared. The cornerstone of SUCCESS is when OPPORTUNITY MEETS PREPARATION. This is our opportunity to prepare, and the time is NOW! To join us and volunteer, visit us at our Headquarters at 4216 Sebring Parkway in Sebring, across from Bank of America, or go online to fill out an application at</spa n> and click on the JOIN US link. Fill out the online VOLUNTEER application and we’ll be happy to reach out to you soon after to chat with you about your interests, our operation, and upcoming events as well. We’re sure we can find a place for you that’ll be productive and rewarding.   Remember this is your party; get involved. Make a difference in its direction and the impact it will have on your life, your family and your community. Again, WELCOME! We look forward to seeing and hearing from you soon!

For Small Businesses

The payroll protection plan (also known as PPP Loans) is a program under the Small Business Administration (SBA) that is targeted to helping small businesses manage survival during the COVID-19 pandemic. The current round of funding is available to businesses who have experienced a 25% decline in gross receipts (gross income) or in any Quarter from 2019 as compared the same Quarter in 2020. Or a 25% in gross receipts for the year of 2020 as compared to 2019. Most of the mid to large banks are offering these loans to small businesses who maintain a banking relationship. There are several larger lenders who are willing to loan to those who do not currently have a banking relationship. The documents you will need to apply include an application, 
provided by the SBA. Additional documents needed include:

1) 941’s for all 4 Quarters of 2019
2) Payroll Summary for 2019 which shows annual salaries and lists all employees
3) Copy of Driver’s license
4) Profit and Loss for the quarter which indicates the decline in gross receipts showing the 2019 quarter and the 2020 quarter that qualify.
5) Articles of Incorporation (C or S Corp) or Articles of Organization (for LLC)
6) By-Laws (C or S Corp) or Operating Agreement (LLC)

Businesses such as Hotels, Restaurants and bars are allowed 3.5 times average monthly payroll (NAICS codes starting with 72), all other businesses are allowed 2.5 times average monthly payroll. Average monthly payroll may include Federal and State
unemployment insurance costs. The funds must be used within 24 weeks of funding and at least 60% of the funds must be spent maintaining payroll. The balance of the funds may be used for Rent, Utilities or expenditures to insure a safe environment
according to CDC guidelines for workers. These types of expenditures might include plexiglass barriers between employees (exs: cashiers, line workers, etc.) and customers, and providing PPE such as gloves and masks to employees and contact customers.


The Highlands County Democratic Party would like to start a Young Democrats group. It is particularly important to help the young people in our county (Ages 18-30) to understand how important voting is, not only to their future, but even more so to the lives they are leading now.  We need young leaders, self-motivators anxious to participate in the Democratic process, interested in educating other young people in the value of civic involvement; learning to identify, recruit and train the next generation of civic leaders.

There are perilous, authoritarian forces prevalent in our elected representatiaves across the aisle, and a huge electoral battle in front of us in 2022 which will determine not only the direction of the country for decades to come, but whether we will remain a Democracy at all. If you are interested in helping to organize and/or lead such a group or know a young person who might have an interest in Civic activism, please refer to our website: to fill out a volunteer form, or contact our office at (863) 385-8601.