Highlands County Democratic Executive Committee

The Highlands County Democratic Executive Committee is the official county arm of the Florida Democratic Party.  The DEC shall have oversight over all Democratic Party activities in the County.  It shall act to carry out all directives and authorities granted to it by the Florida Democratic Party and the Florida Statutes within its county, establishing priorities and activities of the party within the county.


Democratic Executive Leadership


Originally a transplant from California, Neal is a US Air Force Vietnam Veteran, and former small business owner who moved to Florida in 1986.  He first became active in the Democratic Party as Chair of the Social Media Committee of the Monroe County (Florida Keys) Democratic Executive Committee.  He is the Founding Co-Chair of the Upper Keys Democratic Executive Committee from 2014 until he moved to Highlands County in 2016, and also continues to serve as the  Director of Region 7 of the Florida Democratic Small County Coalition.

Vice Chairman:

Chris moved to Florida during his first year of High School in 2004, and became active in the DEC in June, 2016, following the tragic Pulse Massacre.  He has long been an advocate for LGBTQ rights, and is the only LGBTQ Officer on the DEC Steering Committee.  He has championed workers’ rights as a union steward in our community.  He currently works as a Field Trainer, and since graduating in January, Chris has received his license, and is now an Emergency Medical Technician.


Originally coming from Lakeland, FL to work as the Financial Aid Director at South Florida State College in Avon Park, FL, Susie has lived in Highlands County for 16 years.  She retired from the College in June, 2015, and in addition to serving as the Highlands County Democratic Committee’s Treasurer, as well as the President of the Democratic Women’s Club of Florida, Susie also finds time to serve as a volunteer and mentor in the Take Stock Program in our community.

State Committee- Woman:

Davette is a life-long Democrat born and raised in Chicago, Illinois.  She grew up watching her mother, Ruth Hill, serve as a Precinct Captain, learning all the while how important it was to vote, and work to get others out to vote for Democratic candidates.  Davette brought this same Democratic fervor with her to Florida and has worked since 2008 as Highlands County State Committeewoman.  Davette is also a registered nurse who has worked in acute care, hospice care and currently geriatric care.  Nursing is her vocation, but politics is her passion!